Who are pharmaceutical chemist and provisor?

Who are pharmaceutical chemist and provisorOnce in a person’s life there comes such moment when he needs to make a very important decision for himself – the person asks – what will be my future profession? Someone thinks about it for a long time, someone on the contrary, makes the choice of a sudden. That’s how people become designers, pastry chefs, and even astronauts. But we will make a choice in the direction of a pharmaceutical chemist!

Specialty: Pharmacist or Provisor?

The work shift of the pharmacist-provisor usually lasts 10-12 hours, it also happens that a whole day. From this at once it is clear that loadings here are very high not only physical, but also mental. Work in such conditions requires having not only huge baggage of knowledge, but also good sense of humour and big endurance.

The amount of advertising drugs on television, newspapers, the Internet is one of the leading places, consumers are offered more and more pills, ointments, potions, powders, and the pharmacist is obliged to know about all of them.

Academies, institutes and colleges let dispensing chemists, pharmacists, and naturally specialists in this field are in great demand. Newspapers, websites are full of advertisements about work, about the invitation to work in the pharmacy, hence the problems with employment should not occur. Careers in chemistry become more and more attractive and popular.

What is the difference between the provisor and pharmacist?

Activity of the pharmacist as well as dispensing chemist begins with the work behind the “first table” – with such a small window-counter in a trading hall, where visitors are turning to buy one or another drug.

In European countries it is accepted that the “provisor” is the assistant of the pharmacist, a laboratory assistant for pharmaceutical production, and “pharmacist” – is a specialist with higher education, as well as a master’s degree.

Provisor unlike pharmacist can work as an analyst and technologist, and the most important thing is that he can become the head of the pharmacy, and this is a full replacement for the pharmacist.

In the recent past workers with secondary pharmaceutical education could sell drugs and to prepare them only for a doctor’s prescription. Presently all has radically changed. The development of pharmacy chains and a lack of staff resulted in a mix of positions and responsibilities. Sometimes it even happens that a specialist with secondary special education, working for several years in the pharmacy, becomes its Director.

Profession of the Pharmacist-Provisor – pluses and minuses.

What are the advantages?
• Good career development;
• Active work;
• Great demand in labor market;
• Good salary.

What are the disadvantages?
• Customers are not always “adequate”;
• Long working hours, night shifts;
• Strong psychological and physical stress.

Here we come to the end of the article, maybe someone of you is now making the choice of future profession and someone reading this article has precisely made his decision on whether to choose or on the contrary not to choose the career in chemistry.