Take a Tour is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of continuing medical education to healthcare professionals while also providing ease to use tools to help our members manage critical aspects of their continuing education. Finding the Program You Want., through their partnership with educational program developers, academic groups and institutional healthcare centers, delivers a variety of educational activities including: audio conferences, symposiums, monographs, reprint and reviews, audio tapes, and live web-based programming. To access the programming, you can browse our library based on the specialty or you can search for a specific program based on a keyword. Viewing the Program. Once you find the program that you are interested in, you need to insure that your personal computer has the adequate software to view it. All of our print based materials, with the exception of our downloadable Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, are in the Portable Document Format (PDF). If you have not already done so, you must download and install the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ prior to viewing any of our monographs or reprints and reviews. To view any of our audio conferences, symposiums, and live web-based programming, download and install Real Player 7. With these tools and a connection to the Internet, you are ready to access our educational programming. Earning Credits. The process of earning and tracking your continuing education credits has never been made easier. After completing our brief registration form you can begin receiving and managing your credits online. If you have already registered but have forgotten your password, please contact us.

After you have viewed a program, proceed onto the testing portion by clicking on the “Take Post-Test” link found on the program’s main page. To see what a test looks and feels like, take a sample test. After you have completed and submit the test for grading, our CE-Certify™ system will score your test and will allow you to print a certificate if you have passed the test. If you do not choose to print the certificate immediately, you will have access to it so that you can print it at your convenience. Please review your state’s board requirements for continuing education credits. Although we update our list regularly, you should contact your state board for verification and for any other questions about your credit requirements. Managing your Continuing Education. With the ever increasing demands on your time, the quality, efficiency and convenience of the educational and professional resources you use is critical. Your MyContinuing-Ed™ page is your personal, customizable, source for all of your continuing education needs. In addition to having direct access to our educational programming,
registered members can perform the following tasks from their MyContinuing-Ed™ page:

Edit Account Profile
View Course History
Print Certificates
Record Credits

MyContinuing-Ed™ was designed using input from healthcare professionals like yourself. If you have any feedback about our products and services or if you have any further questions.