Little about the professions in medicine

Little about the professions in medicineThe medical profession is one of the oldest and the most necessary. At any time of year, anywhere in the world, any person on a daily basis may need a doctor, or a doctor’s advice. Doctors lot. How many organs – and so many doctors. Physician Epidemiologist, parasitologist doctor, endocrinologist, neurologist, dentist, doctor phlebologist, a psychiatrist and a lot of other doctors. If you think you to choose the medical profession, think about whether you are ready to communicate with people who are sick every day during long – long hours. Tightly think whether you are ready to work in contact with the human body, sick body. The medical profession requires the love to person, patience, and a very broad and deep body of knowledge. In short: to become a doctor, you need a lot, and long and hard learning. The medical profession – is not just a profession – it is a mission. People trust to the doctor the most precious they have – their health. The medical profession requires high responsibility from the person. It should be noted that certain categories of doctors are working with healthy people. For example, a dietitian. There are doctors who do not penetrate into the human body, and treat with medicine. There are doctors, who are not healing, but diagnosing the disease. This doctor should be able to own a modern means of diagnostics: computer tomography, ultrasound device. Paramedic and emergency doctors should be noted especially. In the absence of complex hardware they urgently need to put the diagnosis, and to take the measures. Paramedic is still not a doctor, but not a nurse. A paramedic is taught in medical school.

So for example, only in the US the number of jobs for nurses constitutes about 2.7 million. An increase in the number of jobs from 2015 – to 2022 is planned to fluctuate around 13.3%. and an average annual income is about $ 68,910.

Nursing is today one of the most sought-after professions in the United States. According to the forecast for the next 7 years, the number of nurses will continue to grow. One reason for the prospects of this profession is the aging of the American population. To become a nurse or a paramedic in the United States, it is necessary to pass a training program for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. The presence of appropriate education, licensing and inflexible work schedules, can be attributed to the disadvantages of the profession. Nevertheless, the work of nurses, as a rule, is well-paid. The average annual salary of nurses in 2013 was $ 69,000, what is well above the average salary in the United States.

Good luck if you choose a medical career.