How do I register? Complete the Registration Form by entering a value into each field then click the “Submit” button. The red asterisk to the right of certain fields means that it is “required”.

For the Title, Profession, Primary Specialty and Secondary Specialty fields, select the appropriate value by clicking the down arrow, scroll through list if necessary and click on the appropriate value.

How do I search the Library? Our library of programs can be searched using our Search Form. First select a category to search by clicking on the first list box and selecting a category. Then type in the keyword that you are searching for in the textbox and click the “Submit” button. For instance, if you are looking for something by a particular person, select “Faculty” in the first list box, then type the name of the person in the in text field then click the “Submit” button. How do I browse the Library? You can browse our library of programs by “Specialty” or “Topic” by using our Browse Form. To browse by “Specialty”, in the first drop down list, select a specialty and click the Browse button. To browse by “Topic”, select a topic from the list then click the “Browse” button. Do I need a special program to view/print PDF files? All of our print based materials, with the exception of our downloadable Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, are in the Portable Document Format (PDF). After I’ve Downloaded a PDF, how do I print it? Depending on your browser settings, the PDF may automatically appear in your browser or it may download as a file onto your hard drive. If it automatically appears in your browser, simply click the File Menu in your browser then click Print. If it downloads as a file onto your hard drive, simply click on the file on your computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader will open the file, then simply click the File Menu in Acrobat Reader and click Print. Once I’ve completed a course, how do I print the Certificate? Go to the home page and sign in. Select the “View History” option. You will see a list of all the courses you took. On the right-hand side you will see a button labled “Certificate”. Click on the appropriate button and the Certificate will open in another window and automatically start the printing process. What if the Certificate does not print properly? If you have any problems with the Certificates, please e-mail us.

Please include as much detail as you can about what difficulties you are having. How can I add courses and credits to my history? From the homepage, select “Record Credits”. From the “Record Credits” page, select “add”. Fill in the appropriate information, then click “save” You will see the course and credits recorded in your History section. Why do I get the message “Password (Verify) is required when I try to edit my profile?

When you make any changes to your profile, you must verify your password in the “Password Verify” field at the top of the page. Reenter your password, click submit again, and the changes will be made.