Why Continue Studying?

Have you thought about continuing your studies independently after graduating from university? Long gone are the days when people graduated and got jobs and never had to touch a book again. Things are changing fast and there’s a lot of competition in all lines of work, so regardless of profession, most people with higher education need to continue their studies, even after they’ve gained years and years of experience. Management, law, PR, art, entertainment, industry, these are just some of the fields in which individual training programs are available. For some programs you can pay online and take the course or master class online as well. New cutting edge technology makes it possible for people all around the globe to get in touch with the latest news and information via internet and via interactive programs and software. While most of these programs come for a price, the prices are, nevertheless quite affordable in most cases. For instance, such individual training is absolutely vital in the medical profession. A doctor never ceases to learn. Maybe that doesn’t sound so original but it’s certainly true: after all the hard work in the medical school, after the 3 to 5 years of medical school and the subsequent fellowship programs, it is still not over. Not ever. And that’s how it should be: medical science advances every day; new discoveries are made, new technologies come into use and views on medication and diagnosis change every year. It is important that the doctor keeps updated with the latest news in his or her profession. This is the only way proper care can be assured for the patients. So how can a medical doctor continue his or her studies independently after graduation?

AMA has offered physicians some resources in order to help them maintain the knowledge they’ve already acquired and gain some new one. These programs are also intended to help develop the physicians’ skills and professional performance and also to better the relationships with the patients, the public and within the profession. Doctors who complete CME activities acquire a number of credits per activity. There’s also the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award, which is widely appreciated and which recognizes physicians’ participation in various CME programs.

This could be a model for other authorities responsible for promoting continuous education in different fields and lines of work. Professionals need to feel that what they are doing is worth the effort; that they are working hard not just for money but for a just cause and for progress. They need to be able to get materials for study without difficulty and they need updated information at hand at all times. Achieving this goal could mean a significant financial effort on the part of the correspondent institution, but the results could be much more valuable.